Safety First, Always


Bringing everyone home safe at the end of every day. We believe in the importance of our employees, they are the first consideration in our daily operations.

Our Safety Values

At Wyatt, we implement safety practices valued by our company, our employees, and our clients as well. The orientation program addresses all safe work practices hazardous communications, and any additional requirements. Our safety programs and practices are set up to allow for customization depending on the project, effortlessly matching the needs of our clients, partners and employees. 

Our safety programs are built on the foundation of collaboration. We hold weekly safety department meetings, daily tailgate meetings, job safety analysis programs and ongoing refresher training. We are accredited with Veriforce, ISNetworld, NCCER to ensure that our personnel are highly qualified to perform regulated tasks. 

We have in-house evaluators to also ensure that our OQ status stays up to date. Our communications channels, risk assessment and auditing programs are set up to control risk and ensure all Wyatt projects are maintaining the highest level of safe operations. We have long been considered leaders in HSES for our industry, making Wyatt an employer and partner of choice. Place your trust in us, you won’t be disappointed. 

Safety Vision


Effective safety programs are grounded in the idea of leadership. Leadership comes from within, we work with people who eat, sleep, and breathe safe work environments.


We are always looking for ways to be better, be safer. Our auditing programs are in place to see where we are exceeding expectation and where we can do better. We are always moving forward and looking towards the future.


We have the discipline to maintain the highest safety standards in our field. We understand that the effort it takes now to keep our projects exceeding the norm, will save us and our stakeholders time, energy, and money in the future.