Wyatt Stations

Pump, compressor, gathering stations, and gas processing plants.

We fabricate stress-free stations.
On time and on budget. It’s the Wyatt Way.


Alongside our clients, partners, and shareholders, we are working towards an efficient future. We are always here to fabricate and maintain the stations that our great nation requires to keep our energy flowing. We are focused on delivering our clients innovative plans, solutions, and equipment that others in our industry cannot match.

We provide the expertise and equipment to ensure your stations are completed to fit, scope, and timelines. At Wyatt Construction, we pride ourselves on our expert team, a fleet of over 300 pieces of heavy equipment, an array of secondary tooling, and our ability to complete each project safely and efficiently. Wyatt fabricates pump, compressor, gathering stations and gas processing plants that will stand up to any challenge. Station services you can rely on.

Wyatt Station Services

Pump Stations

The Wyatt team has proven experience fabricating pump stations across the continental United States. We have developed reliable pump stations spanning industries from civil to mechanical and electrical uses.

Gathering Systems

We are qualified to work with any size system, from well connects to trunk lines. The Wyatt team has fabricated multiple gathering systems with over 600 miles of pipe to complete the systems built Wyatt strong.

Compressor Stations

Our team has experience building and setting up to 10 unit compressor stations and has also constructed gas process plants up to 200 million cubic feet per day.