Wyatt Pipelines

Safely Spanning 1,000’s of Miles

Together with our clients, partners, and employees, we are in the business of building pipelines and facilities that connect people to the world around them.


We are project stewards. We pride ourselves on successfully completing all of our pipeline projects in a safe and timely manner, with incredible attention to detail. Our fleet of machines, tools, and experienced staff are at your disposal.

Pipelines are our connection to energy and our lifeline to our everyday activities. Rely on Wyatt to build and maintain this critical infrastructure. Our experience managing pipeline projects is unparalleled and our equipment was made for the heavy-duty job of keeping us connected.

Wyatt Pipeline Services

Main Line

Wyatt Construction has the equipment and expertise necessary to safely complete main line jobs of steel, poly fiber spar, zaplock, and poly flo. We have decades of experience in all sizes of line from 6” – 36” pipe with spread length up to 100 miles.

Pipeline Fabrication

Our fabrication experience is unmatched. We have the qualifications and tools necessary to perform fabrication on-site or in-house. Our fabricators have created launchers, receivers, risers, block valves, and loading rack skids.

Hydro and Air Testing

Our testing crew has two modern trucks that will perform any and all processes necessary for hydro testing. We have proven experience including: drying to specific dew points, nitrogen testing, purging, and packing services.

Pipeline Integrity (Rehab)

Wyatt has over 30 years of experience maintaining the integrity of pipelines. We complete each anomaly dig based on customer needs, whether it be a sleeve, clock spring, armor wrap or full pipe replacement. If necessary, we can build, hydro test, and install replacement pipe.

Hot Taps

Our trusted team is experienced in the fabrication, building, and installation of hot taps. We have experience in the installation of hot taps as well as interconnects, stopplings, and sleeving based on client specifications.