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Employment at Wyatt

Work with like-minded, passionate individuals. Employment at Wyatt will provide you with an opportunity for a career in a fast-paced, forward-thinking enviroment. We are proud of our record of excellence and will always continue to provide our partners with an exceptional level of service. We understand that this cannot be done without hiring top talent. All of our projects are completed safely, with an exceptional team who are motivated to always do their best and exceed expectations. That motivation comes from how we treat our employees. We instill confidence with our patient training programs and unprecedented opportunities for advancement. We are committed to providing a safe, rewarding, and fulfilling environment for all of our employees, in turn, our employees are a loyal crew who are the foundation of our success.

We Are Wyatt

We are dedicated to our staff. We have built a strong team by hiring talent who share our core values of safety, service, honesty, reliability, commitment, and efficiency.

Professional Growth

Our commitment to our clients includes having the strongest team possible. In order to build these incredibly strong teams, we have to be committed to the individual growth and development of each employee at Wyatt. We are intent on having the right person in the right position. Our dedication to mentorship means we will actively provide learning opportunities that will improve our employee’s skills and knowledge base. We are all about growth, forward momentum, and helping our employees drive their careers. 

Our culture of growth is purposeful and we expect our team to always be developing their experience and skills, whether that means actively learning from other members of the team or seeking professional development opportunities, you will always be encouraged to advance your career at Wyatt.


At Wyatt, we understand that we are at our best when we are learning from each other, that is why we are and always will be champions of diversity and inclusion.

The individuals that make up our team come from all races, genders, and religions. We are strong believers in equal opportunities. Our group is diverse because at our core, we are developing a team that will align with our company values, our vision, and our business goals. We are all Wyatt.

Work At Wyatt

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Third Party Recruiters

Thanks for your interest in helping Wyatt attract and retain top talent. At this time, Wyatt Construction does not accept employment applications from third-party recruiters who have not been contracted by the appropriate human resources staff member.